LPIC-1 is the Linux Professional Institute Certification level 1. It’s the first level for professional Linux certification.

The LPIC program consists of 3 levels.

  • Junior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-1)
  • Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2)
  • Senior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-3)

To become certified for level 1 you have to pass 2 exams:

  • Exam 101
  • Exam 102

These 2 exams handle about 10 topics which contain a total of 43 objectives.

The objectives are assigned a numeric weight from 1 to 8 which indicate their importance.

e.g. “Exam 101 – Topic 101: System architecture”:

  • objective “101.1 Determine and configure hardware settings” (weight 2)
  • objective “101.2 Boot the system” (weight 3)
  • objective “101.3 Change runlevels and shut down or reboot system” (weight 3)

IBM has a great resource for the preparation of LPIC-1 (see the ref. at the end of this post). Not all objectives are yet published, but they promise it will come soon.

The articles are written by Ian Shields, Senior Programmer at IBM.

They are very well written and have a good balance between practice and theory.

Even if you are not interested in becoming certified, this IBM resource is great to polish your Linux knowledge.

Thank you IBM for sharing this knowledge with the Linux community!

IBM: Learn Linux, 101: A roadmap for LPIC-1
Linux Professional Institute: LPIC-1 program
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