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Drumming is fun

For all of you who are eager to learn, the Internet is like a candy shop. Not only for programmers but also for music lovers and drummers.

One of my hobbies is playing drum. I’m not in a band (although I would like to), I’m just playing for fun, because I’m thrilled by the sound of drumming. I found some video lessons on Youtube which are very well explained with nice video and according sheet music.

These lessons are from The lessons are categorized into beginner, intermediate, advanced.

If you can’t read sheet music look at this video “How To Play Drums”, it will give you a start:

Learning to read sheet music seams a bit boring at the beginning, but it will enhance your technical skills a lot after a while.

Also if you want to improve your sense of timing, use a metronome. It hasn’t to be explained that the drummer is the one that holds the rhythm of the band.

Have fun!


How To Play Drums

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