A couple of weeks ago I finally bought a smartphone. I wanted a not to expensive Android based smartphone and chose the “Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i” for a 164 €.
Why Android? Well … it’s Linux based, so you have a lot of freedom to do with it what you really want.

The hardware

The GT-S5830i is an upgrade of the GT-S5830 with different hardware. One difference is the processor 832MHz for GT-S5830i, 800MHz for GT-S5830.
An other one: GT-S5830i has Bluetooth v3.0, GT-S5830 has 2.1.

You can compare specs here:
s5830i specs
s5830 specs

So this little “i” has a meaning, booth phones are visually the same but are internally different.
This means in practice that if you want to flash a mobile ROM on it, both phones have different ROMs and they are NOT compatible.

To buy or not to buy?

Because this is my first smartphone, I can’t compare it with an other one, but for this price I’m very happy with it! It does what you expect to do it.
The only minus until now is the not so high internal memory, but I could boost it with the V6 SuperCharger Script.
“The V6 SuperCharger is a creative way to focus your phone’s processing power upon the app you’re using and greatly speed things up”.
I guess this will also improve when flashing a ROM with the capability to move more apps to the SD card.

If you want to protect your phone against scratches, it’s best to buy a smartphone case, I bought a TPU Silikon case for 5,84 €.

Some screenshots of my current setup

Next step, flashing

You don’t have to be a nerd to use this phone. You can just leave the phone in it’s original settings and you will be happy with it.
But if you want to squeeze everything out of it and are curious (you don’t have to be a nerd neither) flashing a ROM is the next step.
At the moment there are not a lot of ROMs for this phone. Best way to find info is XDA developers. There is a specific forum for Galaxy Ace S5830i Android Development.

Backup before flashing

Before flashing it’s important to make backups.
Backup of apps and data can be done with “Titanium backup” or “Go Backup” apps.
Backup of the phone, the so called Nandroid backup, can be done with CWM recovery.
Your phone must be rooted to do this!
You can find the info in the thread “Root,Unroot,CWM,and how to Flash Galaxy Ace S5830i” on the XDA forum.

These backups come onto your SD card. So it’s also a good idea to backup your SD card itself. Your card can crash or your phone may be stolen.
This can be done in Linux with the rsync command e.g.:

rsync -a --progress --delete \
/media/9016-4EF8 \

where in this case “9016-4EF8” is the contents of my SD card mounted on my Linux PC (connected through USB cable).
In this case the backup is made on an external disk also mounted on my Linux PC.

Next article?

Well, this will be an article after a flash!

Rating 2.50 out of 5