It’s the end of the year so it’s time for evaluation …

This is my personal top 10 list of Android apps I like.

  1. No-frills CPU Control
    “No-frills CPU Control is a tool you can use on your rooted device to quickly set the CPU frequencies and governor to use.
    It allows you to use the highest frequency your phone supports and gain some precious FPS in your preferred game, or go down to the lowest frequency and gain some more juice when your phone is sitting idle.
    All of this without any memory footprint or services running in the background!”
  2. AdSense Dashboard
    “Provides a heads-up overview over critical AdSense performance metrics, including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form. Includes a desktop widget showing today’s vital statistics.
    Uses Google’s AdSense Management API to provide a secure, read-only view of your data.”
  3. DiskInfo
    “DiskInfo is a unique app that lists all partitions and all mount points on you device. It shows disk usage and very detailed partition and storage information. It also displays total and free memory (RAM) and Swap (e.g. zRam).”
  4. Moon+ Reader
    “eReader supporting formats: epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS”
  5. Chess-presso Multiplayer Chess
    “Play Chess with friends or strangers for ranking points and achievements with as many players as you like from all over the world simultaneously, and in your own time to fit your busy schedule. The great thing about Chesspresso is you don’t play one game in one sitting, you play as many games as you like over a long time period. Move time limits are in days not minutes or seconds!”
  6. Maxthon Browser
    “Maxthon is the world’s fastest & smartest mobile web browser for both phone and tablet; fast, secure, easy to use and offers very fast download speed. So fast, it outperforms the other mobile web browsers on the market! The Maxthon web browser uses the least amount of CPU resources allowing you to search and navigate faster for a browsing experience that will not drain your mobile phone battery as fast as other web browsers.”
  7. QuickPic
    “The best photo gallery and picture browser&viewer in Android, quicker and clearer, just as millions of users say!”
  8. Viber
    “With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 200 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G – for free. “
  9. Jorte Calendar & Organizer
    No explanation needed here!
  10. AirDroid
    “AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser, all over the air.”

Tell me what your favorite apps are!

Rating 3.00 out of 5